A conversation on leading with purpose and activism as a brand with Stacey Ullrich, Under Armour

“You’re not of the community, you’re actually in the community...And you really need to listen to what is needed … internally as well as externally and then understand what can you bring to the equation.”


Four takeways from Stacey Ullrich, head of global community impact and community affairs at Under Armour, featured in AdWeek. 

1. A brand’s main purpose is to be a good social and global citizen: don't miscontsrue revenue generation as the sole reason for your brand's existence

2. When profits and purpose seem at odds, ground yourself in your values 

3. Know your role: Listen internally and externally to your constituents and try to raise up and cultivate their voices

4. Real impact is about institutionalization; focus on the policies that need changes that will lead to the progress you seek 


Read more on Stacey and her approach here.


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